The first Nottingham Medical School: 1833-1835?


DURING the first half of the nineteenth century there was a definite move towards imposing more regulations upon medical education.' The increasing growth of cities encouraged building of large general hospitals in the provinces and new medical schools were established in association with these hospitals. Schools were founded and have survived from that time at Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Bristol and Liverpool. Schools were also founded at Hull, York, Nottingham, Exeter and Bath' but did not survive. Of these centres Nottingham is the first so far where it seems likely, indeed certain, that a medical school will again be established. Until now little information has been thought to be available about the first Nottingham School" 2 although Jacob3 did, in fact, publish data from the records of the Nottingham General Hospital. According to Jacob, in September 1833 a Medical School Committee asked the Hospital Weekly Committee to allow the attendance of the students of that school 'to be benefited by the instruction which the hospital affords' and in October 1833 the following rules were drawn up:

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