The first CD73-instructed supramolecular hydrogel.

  title={The first CD73-instructed supramolecular hydrogel.},
  author={Dongdong Wu and Xuewen Du and Junfeng Shi and Jie Zhou and Ning Zhou and Bing Xu},
  journal={Journal of colloid and interface science},
Enzymatic supramolecular hydrogelation is a simple, controllable, and novel strategy for preparation of soft colloidal materials, which allows the integration of self-assembly with enzyme associated biological processes. The development of more enzymes involve in hydrogelation is a subject of developing useful soft colloids. In this work, an ectoenzyme, CD73, was found to trigger the formation of nanofibers as matrices of hydrogels. CD73 is an important cell surface enzyme which converts… CONTINUE READING