[The firing of nurse managers: literature and experiences].


INTRODUCTION The firing of a nursing manager was first documented in the 80' in US. AIM To describe the involuntary turnover according to the literature and a case-story. METHODS Literature review and interview to a key informant. RESULTS The involuntary turnover is preceded by a hard time with indicators of a difficult relationships with the management; it initiates a profound crisis comparable to the loss of a significant person and feelings of failure prevail, self esteem and self confidence decrease. If the manager is fired, external help may be necessary - included psychological counseling - to overcome the traumatic experience. Before effectively facing the future, some time may be needed to deal with the loss effectively. CONCLUSIONS The firing of a nursing manager is not an exception in Italy but the literature and discussion on the problem is lacking.

DOI: 10.1702/1211.13411

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