The fine structure of meiotic chromosome polarization and pairing in Locusta migratoria spermatocytes

  title={The fine structure of meiotic chromosome polarization and pairing in Locusta migratoria spermatocytes},
  author={Peter B. Moens},
At the leptotene stage of meiotic prophase in Locusta spermatocytes (2n=22 telocentric autosomes + X-chromosome), each chromosome forms an axial core. The 44 ends of the autosomal cores are all attached to the nuclear membrane in a small region opposite the two pairs of centrioles of the juxtanuclear mitochondrial mass. At later stages of meiotic prophase, the cores of homologous chromosomes synapse into synaptinemal complexes. Synapsis is initiated near the nuclear membrane, in the centromeric… CONTINUE READING
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