The financial cost of optimising blood pressure control

  title={The financial cost of optimising blood pressure control},
  author={Tamara Shiner and Lucy Simons and Hazel Parkinson and Ali Khanbhai and D. Gareth Beevers},
  journal={Journal of Human Hypertension},
We have investigated the financial costs of attempts to optimise blood pressure control in patients referred to our blood pressure clinic. At first referral, the average blood pressure in the 262 patients studied were 167/97 mmHg and the monthly costs of the antihypertensive drugs was £23.44. After 1 year of clinic attendance, the blood pressure was reduced to 149/87 mmHg, and the average drug costs had risen to £30.68. For drug expenditure alone, the cost of reducing systolic blood pressure by… CONTINUE READING

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