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The filigree and granulation work of the Viking period : an analysis of the material from Björkö

  title={The filigree and granulation work of the Viking period : an analysis of the material from Bj{\"o}rk{\"o}},
  author={Władysław Duczko},

A social analysis of Viking jewellery from Iceland

Viking Studies has, until recently, dedicated a significant portion of the study of jewellery to typological scrutiny and the analyses of style and design. While important and necessary components of

Archaeometric studies on early medieval silver jewellery from Central and Eastern Europe

Scanning electron microscopy with X-ray microanalyses (SEM-EDX) was used for a technological study of silver jewellery from three hoards found in Poland. The assemblage consists of 26 artefacts from

The Craft of the Goldsmith in Wielbark Culture in the Light of the Finds from the Cemetery at Weklice, Elbląg Commune and Other Necropolis of Roman Period from Elbląg Heights. Technological Studies of Selected Aspects

The paper presents selected aspects the goldsmithery of Wielbark culture in Roman period. Based on analyzes of chemical composition of fi nds from the cemetery at Weklice, site 7, Elbląg commune and


The article discusses the process and results of experimental archaeology carried out in Tallinn in 2008/2009 to learn about and revive the technologies of making beaded wire. Such technologies that


  • T. Kurasiński
  • History
    Slavia Antiqua. Rocznik poświęcony starożytnościom słowiańskim
  • 2021
This article presents an analysis of two brass lockets, rectangular in shape, discovered in a richly equipped grave no. 62 in an early-medieval grave field in Radom (the 4th quarter of the 11-12th

Dubious Early Medieval Jewels from Matzhausen (Bavaria): New Material and Technological Investigations

ABSTRACT A controversial set of elite jewels assumed to be of early medieval period, recovered in 1937–1938 from a burial site in Matzhausen (northeastern Bavaria) was investigated to determine their

The 'living' sword in early medieval northern Europe : an interdisciplinary study

This thesis explores perceptions of two-edged swords as ‘living’ artefacts in Anglo-Saxon England and Scandinavia between c. 500 and 1100. Taking inspiration from recent anthropological and

Zwei Kammergräber des 10. Jahrhunderts aus der Stadt Izjaslavs und Vladimirs in Kiev

In 2002 several chambergraves from the 10 th century were excavated in the old town of Kiev. The richest equipped female grave — chambergrave No. 49, 1999 — from beneath the St. Michael’s Golden

A Viking burial from Kneep, Uig, Isle of Lewis

In 1979 a rich female Viking burial was discovered on Kneep headland, near Valtos in the Isle of Lewis. Owing to the circumstances of its recovery, little is known of the context of the burial but

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