The filamentation of the laser beam as a labyrinth instability

  title={The filamentation of the laser beam as a labyrinth instability},
  author={Florin Spineanu and Madalina Vlad},
  journal={Journal of Physics: Conference Series},
At incident powers much higher than the threshold for filamentation a pulse from a high-power laser generates in the transversal plane a complex structure. It consists of randomly meandering stripes defining connected regions where the field intensity is high; and, the complementary regions dominated by diffusive plasma with defocusing property. The pattern is similar to an ensemble of clusters of various extensions. We provide evidence that there is a correlation between this filamentation and… 

An analogy between optical turbulence and activator-inhibitor dynamics

The propagation of laser beams through madia with cubic nonlinear polarization is part of a wide range of practical applications. The processes that are involved are at the limit of extreme



Interface proliferation and the growth of labyrinths in a reaction-diffusion system.

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The phenomenology of pattern formation exhibited by the contour dynamics is consistent with that seen by Lee, McCormick, Ouyang, and Swinney in experiments on the iodide-ferrocyanide-sulfite reaction in a gel reactor.

Breakup and fusion of self-guided femtosecond light pulses in air.

Experiments show the breakup and the merging of filaments formed by the modulational instability of femtosecond optical pulses in air, which occurs in an optically Kerr regime and plays an important role in the guiding process.

Kinetics of quenched systems with long-range repulsive interactions.

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A dynamical theory based on a singular perturbation expansion that accounts for the formation of modulated domain structures with sharp interfaces and the saturation of the order parameter but not the late-stage phenomena is constructed.

Power dependence of dynamic spatial replenishment of femtosecond pulses propagating in air.

Numerical simulations of nonlinear pulse propagation in air show an initial pulse formed, absorbed by plasma generation, and subsequently replenished by power from the trailing edge, implying that the length scale for filament propagation is relatively insensitive to the peak input power beyond the threshold for filament generation.

Laser filamentation as a new phase transition universality class.

We show that the onset of laser multiple filamentation can be described as a critical phenomenon that we characterize both experimentally and numerically by measuring a set of seven critical

Intense pulses in air: breakup of rotational symmetry.

Calculations that assume rotational symmetry become unrealistic because of the fast growth of azimuthal instabilities shortly after the onset of plasma generation, which are caused chiefly by the Kerr effect.