The fight against sexual violence

  title={The fight against sexual violence},
  author={A.s Phipps},
  journal={Soundings: A journal of politics and culture},
  pages={62 - 74}
  • A. Phipps
  • Published 1 April 2019
  • Sociology
  • Soundings: A journal of politics and culture
Abstract:A critical engagement with the feminist fight against sexual violence, especially in relation to global rightward shifts in which political and cultural narratives around gender are being reshaped and rejuvenated. In the context of a new 'war on women' worldwide, #MeToo and similar movements have been key to contemporary political resistance. However, mainstream movements against sexual violence are ill-equipped to address the intersections of patriarchy, capitalism and colonialism… 

Failing victims, fuelling hate: challenging the harms of the ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ narrative

‘Muslim grooming gangs’ have become a defining feature of media, political and public debate around child sexual exploitation in the UK. The dominant narrative that has emerged to explain a series of

"Every Woman Knows a Weinstein": Political Whiteness and White Woundedness in #MeToo and Public Feminisms around Sexual Violence

  • A. Phipps
  • Political Science, Sociology
    Feminist Formations
  • 2019
Abstract:This article explores how whiteness shapes public feminisms around sexual violence, using #MeToo as a case study. Building on the work of Daniel Martinez HoSang (2010), Gurminder Bhambra

#ThemToo?: Trans Women Exclusionary Discourses in the #MeToo Era

Abstract Trans women experience sexual violence at alarming rates; however, due to societal cisnormativity, people often remain unaware of such rates. As digital feminist movements, such as #MeToo,

A Historical Analysis of the Impact of Hegemonic Masculinities on Sexual Assault in the Lives of Ethnic Minority Women

A comprehensive literature review guided by intersectionality theory is presented to deepen the understanding of the historical role that hegemonic masculinity plays in shaping ethnic minority women's experiences of sexual assault.

“Change can never be ‘complete’”: the legal right to self-identification and incongruous bodies

At the time of writing, New Zealand's government is considering select committee recommendations to simplify the process for changing the sex recorded on a birth certificate (Governance and

The UK government LGBT Action Plan: Discourses of progress, enduring stasis, and LGBTQI+ lives ‘getting better’

The LGBT Action Plan (2018) represents a significant UK government commitment towards LGBTQI+ equalities, operating in conjunction with cumulative legislative advances. Yet there is room for critique

Open government for all? Co-creating digital public services for older adults through data walks

The paper evaluates data walks as a method for engaging non-tech-savvy citizens in co-design work and demonstrates how data walks can be incorporated into larger co-creation projects.

The compliant environment

The findings show that the focus on compliance with policies and initiatives has resulted in a high level of surveillance of staff and students and a lack of resistance towards policies that work against the goals of education and academia.



The feminist frontier: on trans and feminism

Abstract Against a back-drop of ongoing hostility between sections of feminism towards trans communities, and particularly feminist antagonism towards trans women, this paper explores the

Reckoning up: sexual harassment and violence in the neoliberal university

ABSTRACT This paper situates sexual harassment and violence in the neoliberal university. Using data from a ‘composite ethnography’ representing twelve years of research, I argue that institutional

Surviving sexual violence

Introduction Guide to transcription of interviews 1. "Sharing a Particular Pain": Researching Sexual Violence 2. A Central Issue: Sexual Violence and Feminist Theory 3. The Knowledge Explosion: An

Whose personal is more political? Experience in contemporary feminist politics

Whose personal is more political? This article explores the role of experience in contemporary feminist politics, arguing that it operates as a form of capital within abstracted and decontextualised

Brexit, Trump, and 'methodological whiteness': on the misrecognition of race and class.

It is argued that a pervasive 'methodological whiteness' has distorted social scientific accounts of both Brexit and Trump's election victory and that this needs to be taken account of in the authors' discussion of both phenomena.

Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers' Rights

Recommended Citation Pietrangelo-Porco, Evania (2021). Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers Rights. 2018. Molly Smith and Juno Mac. London: Verso (278 pages inclusive of an index). No

#MeToo Is A Crucial Moment to Revisit the History of Indian Feminism – CETRI, Centre Tricontinental

Feminism in India is newly relevant. The past month has seen an explosion of online testimony to sexual harassment, in a watershed moment in India's #MeToo movement. The beginnings of the latter…

A Systematic Look at a Serial Problem: Sexual Harassment of Students by University Faculty

One in ten female graduate students at major research universities report being sexually harassed by a faculty member. Many universities face intense media scrutiny regarding faculty sexual


  • A. Hill
  • Philosophy
    Rebel Footprints
  • 2019