The fibrous system in the extracellular matrix of hydromedusae.

  title={The fibrous system in the extracellular matrix of hydromedusae.},
  author={Christian Weber and Volker Schmid},
  journal={Tissue & cell},
  volume={17 6},
The ultrastructure and the histochemistry of the fibrous system in the mesogloeal extracellular matrix (ECM) of two hydromedusae (Polyorchis penicillatus and Aglanlha digitale) has been examined. There is a fundamental difference in the architecture of the fibrous system between the two species. In Polyorchis, 60-150 A thick, striated fibrils with periodicities of 60-65 A form a three-dimensional network which fills in the entire ECM of outer and inner mesogloea. In the outer mesogloea vertical… CONTINUE READING
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