The fibroblast-like nature of myofibroblasts.

  title={The fibroblast-like nature of myofibroblasts.},
  author={Dolphine Oda and Allen M. Gown and Jerry S Vande Berg and Robert Stern},
  journal={Experimental and molecular pathology},
  volume={49 3},
The myofibroblast is found in normal tissue as well as in a wide variety of pathological processes. We have cultured myofibroblasts and dermal fibroblasts and have found that they secrete similar type-specific procollagens into the culture media. These were primarily type I and III procollagens with a predominance of type I procollagen. These patterns are distinctly different from those of smooth muscle cells, which synthesize predominantly type III procollagen. Cultured fixed cells were also… CONTINUE READING
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