The fetomaternal dependency of cord blood interleukin-6.

  title={The fetomaternal dependency of cord blood interleukin-6.},
  author={Raf F De Jongh and Martine Puylaert and Eugene Bosmans and Willem U A M Ombelet and Michael Maes and Ren{\'e} J Heylen},
  journal={American journal of perinatology},
  volume={16 3},
Interleukin-6 (IL-6) plays a major role in hematopoiesis, immune functioning, and the acute phase response. In umbilical cord blood, this cytokine was thought to be a marker of neonatal defense to stress and infection, however, neonatal IL-6 production is immature. We speculated that a maternal influence exists on neonatal IL-6, at least during uncomplicated deliveries. Of the 81 healthy parturients included in this study, 51 delivered vaginally, 20 with and 31 without epidural analgesia, and… CONTINUE READING