The feminist case against pornography: a review and re-evaluation

  title={The feminist case against pornography: a review and re-evaluation},
  author={Amanda Cawston},
  pages={624 - 658}
ABSTRACT Despite sustained feminist criticism, the production and consumption of pornography does not show signs of waning. Here, I offer a critical review of the existing feminist anti-pornography debate, arguing that it has largely failed to provide suitable grounds for a stable and comprehensive critique, instead often indirectly providing theoretical resources for pornography to reinvent itself. This is a product, in my view, of a misguided focus on the pornographic object. Feminist critics… 
Pornography at the Border: Ethnosexual Borderscapes, Gendered Violence, and Embodied control
ABSTRACT This article analyses the pornographic genre of ‘border sex’, set on the US-Mexico border and produced in the US, which depicts uneven power relations taking shape at and through the border.
Protection or Patriarchy? Gender Ideology and Support for Anti-pornography Legislation, 1988–2018
Introduction Though religious conservatives espousing patriarchal views have historically been on the forefront of anti-pornography efforts in the USA, the past few decades have witnessed an
The structural oppression of women by markets: the continuum of sexual violence and the online pornography market
ABSTRACT This paper assembles emerging scholarship attendant to the marginalisation of people by market structures of power and dominance. We conceptualise this as market violence and locate one
Semiotic Violence against Women: Theorizing Harms against Female Politicians
  • M. L. Krook
  • Political Science
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 2022
Definitions of violence are contested, ranging from minimalistic conceptions privileging physical attacks to more comprehensive approaches recognizing a broad array of physical, sexual,
Livestreaming: The mainstreaming of the commodified body and sexual labor in Thailand
ABSTRACT In recent years, livestreaming applications have grown in popularity, with a concentration of users in Asia. This paper examines two popular livestreaming applications in Thailand, using a
How Decriminalisation Reduces Harm Within and Beyond Sex Work: Sex Work Abolitionism as the “Cult of Female Modesty” in Feminist Form
Sex work has a long history and takes different forms, but the associated precarity and danger, particularly where poorer women and minorities are concerned, is undeniable. There is growing
Labouring in the Sex Industry: A Conversation with Sex Workers on Consent and Exploitation
Sex work in all its forms is an occupation that belongs to the service industry, and like any other work, sexual labour is open to exploitation. However, the reason why sex work is seen to be
Problematic Internet Pornography Use and Psychological Distress among Emerging Adults in Malaysia: Gender as a Moderator
Internet pornography use (IPU) refers to Internet-based sexually explicit materials that are ultimately used to elicit sexual feelings or thoughts. The accessibility of Internet pornography could
Managing Performance
  • David M. Kopp
  • Human Resource Management in the Pornography Industry
  • 2020


The pornography debates: Beyond cause and effect
A Feminist Response to Weitzer
  • G. Dines
  • Sociology
    Violence against women
  • 2012
This article argues that while anti-porn feminists do indeed see pornography as exploitive, such a position is rooted in the rigorous theories and methods of cultural studies developed by critical media scholars such as Stuart Hall and Antonio Gramsci.
Producing abuse: selling the harms of pornography
Pornography: A Liberal’s Unfinished Business
  • Rae Langton
  • Law, Art
    Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence
  • 1999
Old wars about pornography and censorship have new armies in radical feminists. So Ronald Dworkin once remarked, defending the new relevance of his now classic liberal defense of free speech in his
Mill and Pornography
In a recent article in this journal,' David Dyzenhaus has argued that Mill, by his own principles, "must be open to the legitimacy of coercive action to eradicate pornography,"2 that is, censorship.
A Sensible Antiporn Feminism*
A recent article in The Boston Globe asks, “What happened to the antiporn feminists?” Although a political debate about pornography still rages in the United States, civil libertarians and cultural
Harms of production: Theorising pornography as a form of prostitution
The Widening Gender Gap in Opposition to Pornography, 1975–2012
In the last several decades, pornography in the United States has become more mainstream, more accessible, more phallocentric, and more degrading to women. Furthermore, consumption of pornography
The porn wars
At the time of writing, pornography is all over the media. Of course, it is always all over the media, in the sense that our TV programmes, advertisements and newspapers are typically saturated with
One Dimensional Woman
This book was conceived as a polemical intervention into recent debates about feminism in a period in which the word has been used to justify everything from the sale of beauty products to the