The fate of CD4-8- T cell receptor-alpha beta+ thymocytes.

  title={The fate of CD4-8- T cell receptor-alpha beta+ thymocytes.},
  author={Hyam I. Levitsky and Paul T. Golumbek and Drew Mark Pardoll},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={146 4},
CD4-8- TCR-alpha beta+ thymocytes represent a distinct population whose fate and function have remained a mystery. We show here that this thymocyte subset bears NK1, a surface Ag previously thought to be expressed exclusively by TCR- NK cells. Analysis of peripheral lymphocytes for the coexpression of TCR-alpha beta and NK1 revealed a subset with similar characteristics to the NK1+ thymocytes: a large fraction that are CD4-8- and a skewed TCR repertoire in which V beta 8 is overrepresented… CONTINUE READING


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