The fast development of solar terrestrial sciences in Taiwan

  title={The fast development of solar terrestrial sciences in Taiwan},
  author={J. Y. Liu and Loren Chee Wei Chang and Ching Kong Chao and Ming Chen and Yen Hsyang Chu and Lin Ni Hau and Chien-Ming Huang and Cheng-Ling Kuo and L. Chang Yeol Lee and Ling Hsiao Lyu and Chia Hsien Lin and Chen Jeih Pan and J. K. Shue and Ching Lun Su and Lung Chih Tsai and Ya Hui Yang and Chien-hung Lin and R. E. Hsu and Han-tzong Su},
  journal={Geoscience Letters},
In Taiwan, research and education of solar terrestrial sciences began with a ground-based ionosonde operated by Ministry of Communications in 1952 and courses of ionospheric physics and space physics offered by National Central University (NCU) in 1959, respectively. Since 1990, to enhance both research and education, the Institute of Space Science at NCU has been setting up and operating ground-based observations of micropulsations, very high-frequency radar, low-latitude ionospheric… CONTINUE READING


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