The farm as an accounting laboratory: an essay on the history of accounting and agriculture

  title={The farm as an accounting laboratory: an essay on the history of accounting and agriculture},
  author={Martin Giraudeau},
  journal={Accounting History Review},
  pages={201 - 215}
  • M. Giraudeau
  • Published 2017
  • Economics, Business
  • Accounting History Review
The shop, the factory, the office: these appear, to the popular imaginary, as natural sites for accounting, and for accountants. They are the places where accounting is usually said to be invented and practised, the places where accounting sustains business. The shop stands for commerce, which reportedly saw the emergence of double-entry bookkeeping in the so-called ‘commercial revolution’ of the early-modern times. The factory stands out as the chief target of management accounting from the… Expand
The Roles of Accounting in Agro-Pastoral Settings: The Case of the Landed Estates of Prince Sambiase in the Mid-Eighteenth Century
International literature on agricultural accounting is yet to pay a significant level of attention to the investigation of the roles that accounting can play in the agricultural domain beyond itsExpand
The birth of industrial accounting in France: some curious paradoxes
ABSTRACT Previous work by Boyns, Edwards, and Nikitin has demonstrated that while firms implemented industrial accounting later in France than in Britain, a specialised literature appeared muchExpand
Institutionalisation of Knowledge-based Growth: the Case of the Dutch-Frisian Dairy Sector (1895–1950)
Abstract: This article explores the outlines of an ‘agrarian-industrial knowledge society’ that developed from about 1895. Farmers, breeders, experts and leaders of dairy companies worked in closeExpand
Abstrak: Akuntansi, Pertanian, dan Perang. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menguji hubungan akuntansi, pertanian, dan perang, di mana ketiganya berada dalam ruang historis. Metode yang digunakanExpand
Accounting history publications 2017
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Protecting agricultural accounting in the UK
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Taking stock to yield a return: agricultural accounting, agronomometry and chemical statics in the early-nineteenth century
ABSTRACT This study explores the doctrine of ‘agronomic accounting’ which spread in France during the first half of the nineteenth century. This in-kind accounting aimed at representing, in the mostExpand
Farm, Shop, Landing: The Rise of a Market Society in the Hudson Valley, 1780–1860
At the turn of the nineteenth century, when the word "capital" first found its way into the vocabulary of Mid-Hudson Valley residents, the term irrevocably marked the profound change that hadExpand
Agricultural Accounting in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries: The Case of the Noble Rucellai Family Farm in Campi
Abstract This paper was inspired by the discovery of some accounting books relating to the ‘Rucellai’ Family Farm (in Tuscany), and examines accounting in proprietorship farming in the nineteenthExpand
Accounting, post-productivism and corporate power in UK food and agriculture
Abstract ‘In modern capitalism purchase and sale of manufactured foods is as fundamental to social existence as the exchange of a whole gamut of other commodities’ [Giddens, A. The constitution ofExpand
Progenitors of modern management accounting concepts and mensurations in pre-industrial England
Edwards and Newell (1994: 407) noted that 'the application of accounting techniques in business management continues to be a largely unexplored area of business history'. Outcomes of this lack ofExpand
A quest for useful knowledge: the early development of agricultural accounting in Denmark and Northern Germany
ABSTRACT We discuss the early development of sophisticated agricultural accounting in Northern Germany and Denmark within a framework that establishes the role of accounting for knowledge generationExpand
New Opportunities for Farm Accounting
There is a gap between the importance given to accounting and the low level of bookkeeping and accounting practice in the agricultural sector. Current general accounting rules do not adapt very wellExpand
The development of financial management and control in monastic houses and estates in England c. 1200–1540
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Insights to be gained from the study of ancient accounting history: some reflections on the new edition of Finley's The Ancient Economy
Accounting historians have attempted to relate their knowledge of the variety of accounting practices at various points of time, and in various places, to wider questions of the role of accounting inExpand