The familial phylogeny of the Tetraodontiformes (Acanthopterygii: Pisces) : as evidenced by their comparative myology

  title={The familial phylogeny of the Tetraodontiformes (Acanthopterygii: Pisces) : as evidenced by their comparative myology},
  author={Richard Winterbottom},
Winterbottom, Richard. The Familial Phylogeny of the Tetraodontiformes (Acanthopterygii: Pisces) as Evidenced by Their Comparative Myology. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, number 155, 201 pages, 185 figures, 1974.—The myology of 46 species of the order Tetraodontiformes is described, the species representing the 11 families initially recognized for the purposes of this study. The data gathered from the descriptions has been interpreted phylogenetically, using only those characters of a… 
A phylogeny of the families of fossil and extant tetraodontiform fishes (Acanthomorpha, Tetraodontiformes), Upper Cretaceous to Recent
The new phylogenetic hypothesis, together with stratigraphic and biogeographical data, is used to discuss scenarios of the origin and evolution of the major clades of the tetraodontiform order.
Osteology, phylogeny, and higher classification of the fishes of the order Plectognathi (Tetraodontiformes)
The osteologjof over 160 species of fossil and Recent plectognath or tetraodontiform fishes is described and illustrated in relation to the supposed phylogeny and proposed higher classiflcation
A new family of gymnodont fish (Tetraodontiformes) from the earliest Eocene of the Peri-Tethys (Kabardino-Balkaria, northern Caucasus, Russia)
Significantly younger ages are estimated for the diversification of Tetraodontiformes than in previous tip-dating analyses (Jurassic and Early Cretaceous) using the fossilized birth-death process; these new age estimates are in better agreement with the tetraodoniform fossil record.
Phylogenetic Relationships of Aracanin Genera of Boxfishes (Ostraciidae: Tetraodontiformes)
A cladistic analysis of the external characters, osteology and myology of the seven genera currently assigned to the ostraciid subfamily Aracaninae results in the proposal of its division into two tribes, the Aracanini and the Kentrocaprini.
A new genus and species of boxfish (Tetraodontiformes:Ostraciidae) from the Oligocene of Moravia, the second fossil representative of the family
It is proposed that the new species represents the oceanic, pelagic, pre-settlement stage of this genus, as in the Recent Lactoria, some species of which, especially L. diaphana, remain pelagic to sizes of over 100 mm SL and can be sexually mature while pelagic before settling into their conclusive benthic state.
A molecular analysis of the interrelationships of tetraodontiform fishes (Acanthomorpha: Tetraodontiformes).
  • N. Holcroft
  • Biology
    Molecular phylogenetics and evolution
  • 2005
Acanthuroid relationships revisited: a new nuclear gene-based analysis that incorporates tetraodontiform representatives
The molecular data presented here appear to contradict the results of previous morphology-based studies, and it is suggested that such a conclusion is unjustified without first surveying putative morphological synapomorphies for the acanthuroids in a broader range of taxa.