The fake first round about the Earth. The case of the supposed Chinese circumnavigation of 1421 from the post-truth paradigm

  title={The fake first round about the Earth. The case of the supposed Chinese circumnavigation of 1421 from the post-truth paradigm},
  author={Ja Mu{\~n}iz-Vel{\'a}zquez and Javier Lozano Delmar},
Introduction. Five hundred years ago, Magellan undertook a trip that would end up being, in the hands of Juan Sebastián Elcano, the first round the world. But, surprising as it may seem, not everyone accepts this historical truth. Such is the case of the book 1421: The Year China Discovered the World, published with remarkable success in 2002, and with successive editions and translations. Its author, Gavin Menzies, constructs a story about this alternative fact: a Chinese expedition completed… 
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