The extremes of englishness: The ‘exceptional’ ideology of Anthony Mario Ludovici

  title={The extremes of englishness: The ‘exceptional’ ideology of Anthony Mario Ludovici},
  author={Dan N. Stone},
  journal={Journal of Political Ideologies},
  • D. Stone
  • Published 1999
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Political Ideologies
Abstract Scholarly work on the British extreme right has examined many of Anthony Mario Ludovici's colleagues, but has until now paid no attention to Ludovici himself. Yet the many books and articles he published not only illustrate the variety of strands which fed into the extreme right; they also provide, thanks to Ludovici's steadfast maintenance of his principles over so long a period, an excellent case study in the changing fortunes of British extremism. Here I trace Ludovici's ideology… Expand
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