The extracellular patch clamp: A method for resolving currents through individual open channels in biological membranes

  title={The extracellular patch clamp: A method for resolving currents through individual open channels in biological membranes},
  author={E. Neher and B. Sakmann and J. Steinbach},
  journal={Pfl{\"u}gers Archiv},
  • E. Neher, B. Sakmann, J. Steinbach
  • Published 2004
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Pflügers Archiv
  • The current contributions of individual ionic channels can be measured by electrically isolating a small patch of membrane. To do this, the tip of a small pipette is brought into close contact with an enzymatically cleaned membrane of a hypersensitive amphibian or mammalian muscle fiber. Current flowing through the pipette is measured. If the pipette contains cholinergic agonist at μ-molar concentrations, square pulse current waveforms can be observed which represent the activation of… CONTINUE READING
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