The extent, nature, and validity of sexual abuse allegations in custody/visitation disputes.

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Allegations of child sexual abuse in parenting disputes: An examination of judicial determinations in the Family Court of Australia

ABSTRACT This study examined Family Court of Australia (FCA) judicial determinations in parenting disputes when allegations of child sexual abuse (CSA) are made by an interested party, usually the

Assessment of Sexual Abuse Allegations in Child Custody Cases

Family courts frequently rely on the expertise of mental health professionals to assess allegations of sexual abuse within the context of child custody evaluations. Such evaluations are complex and

Child Sexual Abuse Allegations Amidst Divorce and Custody Proceedings

This study describes 18 cases of child sexual abuse allegations investigaled by the Boulder County (Colorado) Sexual Abuse Team which revolved around divorce and custody disputes. Determining whether

Custody and expert opinion as factors in sexual abuse cases

Child sexual abuse is a serious social problem impacting our children, their families, and numerous social systems including schools and the courts. Research regarding adequate assessment techniques

Professional Issues Related to Allegations and Assessment of Child Sexual Abuse in the Context of Family Court Litigation

This article focuses on the challenge of dealing with allegations of child sexual abuse in the context of the Family Court of Australia. Of all cases that come before the Court, those involving such

Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse in Family Court Cases: A Qualitative Analysis of Psychiatric Evidence

The study investigates factors involved in Family Court cases involving allegations of child sexual abuse, using a seven-stage methodology developed utilising a thematic analysis process informed by principles of grounded theory and phenomenology.

U.S. child custody outcomes in cases involving parental alienation and abuse allegations: what do the data show?

  • Joan S. Meier
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ABSTRACT Family court and abuse professionals have long been polarized over the use of parental alienation claims to discredit a mother alleging that the father has been abusive or is unsafe for the

Factors Related to Prosecution of Child Sexual Abuse Cases.

ABSTRACT This study explored how various factors regarding the victim, offender, abuse situation, and case evidence were related to prosecution decisions in child sexual abuse cases. Data were

Child Protection in Child Custody Cases: Issues and Concerns

Given the frequent contentious nature of litigation surrounding child custody cases, the accuracy of abuse allegations is often questioned. There appears to be a general misconception about the



Child Sexual Abuse and Custody Disputes No Easy Answers

This article alerts professionals to the emergence of oversimplified approaches to the complex problem of alleged child sexual abuse in the context of custody disputes. We argue that reliance on such

Reliable and Fictitious Accounts of Sexual Abuse to Children

The various categories of reports of child sexual abuse were examined in Phase 1 of a two-part study, and Tentative conclusions are drawn concerning present clinical practice and suggestions are made for future research.

True and false allegations of sexual abuse in child custody disputes.

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False accusations of physical and sexual abuse.

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This discussion of seven cases focuses on one potential area which can generate a substantial segment of false positives: conflicted domestic relations litigation situation.

Sexual Exploitation: Rape, Child Sexual Abuse, and Workplace Harassment

PART ONE: RAPE: PREVALENCE, SOCIAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS The Incidence and Prevalence of Rape Male Rape and Female Rapists Social Characteristics of Rape Victims and Rapists Psychological

The scope of the problem.

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Deciding whether a child has been sexually abused in sexual abuse allegations in custody and visitation cases

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The Battle and the backlash

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