The extension of the ILDM concept to reaction–diffusion manifolds

  title={The extension of the ILDM concept to reaction–diffusion manifolds},
  author={V. Bykov and U. Maas},
  journal={Combustion Theory and Modelling},
  pages={839 - 862}
  • V. Bykov, U. Maas
  • Published 2007
  • Mathematics
  • Combustion Theory and Modelling
  • In the present work, the method of simplifying chemical kinetics based on Intrinsic Low-Dimensional Manifolds (ILDMs) is modified to deal with the coupling of reaction and diffusion processes. Several problems of the ILDM method are overcome by a relaxation to an invariant system manifold (Reaction–Diffusion Manifold – REDIM). This relaxation process is governed by a multidimensional parabolic partial differential equation system, where, as an initial solution, an extended ILDM is used… CONTINUE READING
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