The extended local supercluster

  title={The extended local supercluster},
  author={P J E Peebles},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
  • P. Peebles
  • Published 23 December 2021
  • Physics
  • Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
It has long been established but seldom noticed that we are in a region at least 170 Mpc across in which different types of galaxies show different degrees of alignment with the plane of the de Vaucouleurs Local Supercluster. While clusters of galaxies and radio galaxies at redshifts z < 0.02 are concentrated at low supergalactic latitudes, the most luminous galaxies in the infrared, LIRGs, show little correlation with this plane. The most luminous early-type galaxies are concentrated at low… 

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