The explicit inverse of a tridiagonal matrix

  title={The explicit inverse of a tridiagonal matrix},
  author={Philipp Schlegel},
The closed form inverse of a tridiagonal matrix, which is a slight generalization of a matrix considered by D. Kershaw (Math. Comp., v. 23, 1969, pp. 189-191), is given in this note. If the matrix has integer elements, an integer multiple of the inverse can be computed by integer arithmetic, that is, without machine roundoff error. Forms of B and B~l. Let B = (/>,,) be an n X n matrix given by ba = bi, i = j, (1) = «,.,-,. i < j, = í.-i.í. i > j, where b¡ = /3„_i+1 and Bti is the Kronecker… CONTINUE READING


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