The experimental status of Special and General Relativity

  title={The experimental status of Special and General Relativity},
  author={Orfeu Bertolami and Jorge P'aramos},
In this contribution we assess the current experimental status of Special and General Relativity. Particular emphasis is put on putative extensions of these theories and on how these could be detected experimentally. 

Zen and the Art of Space-Time Manufacturing

We present a general discussion about the so-called emergent properties and discuss whether space-time and gravity can be regarded as emergent features of under- lying more fundamental structures.

Dynamical analysis of nonminimal coupled theories

In this work a dynamical system approach to nonminimal coupled f(R) theories is made. The solutions of three distinct models are obtained and their stability and physical interpretation are studied

Minimal extension of General Relativity: Alternative gravity model with non-minimal coupling between matter and curvature

We examine an extension of General Relativity with an explicit non-minimal coupling between matter and curvature. The purpose of this work is to present an overview of the implications of the latter

Modified Friedmann Equation from Nonminimally Coupled Theories of Gravity

In this work we study how nonminimally coupled theories of gravity modify the usual Friedmann equation, and develop two methods to treat these. The ambiguity in the form of the Lagrangian density of

The Layzer-Irvine equation in theories with non-minimal coupling between matter and curvature

We derive the Layzer-Irvine equation for alternative gravitational theories with non-minimal coupling between curvature and matter for an homogeneous and isotropic Universe. As an application, we

Viability of nonminimally coupled f ( R ) gravity

In this work we explore the viability of nonminimally couple d mattercurvature gravity theories, namely the conditions require d for the absence of tachyon instabilities and ghost degrees of freedom.

Cassini Gravitational Experiments

The Cassini mission was launched on October 15th 1997. Its goal was to reach the Saturn system and study the planet and its natural satellites.

The Flyby Anomaly and Options for Its Study

In the past couple of decades, a few deep-space probes that used Earth gravity assists have apparently displayed an unexpected change in their hyperbolic excess velocities.

Astrophysical implications of the Bumblebee model of Spontaneous Lorentz Symmetry Breaking

One of the basic assumptions of general relativity is that of Lorentz invariance, a fundamental symmetry which to the present day has been verified to a very high precision. However, the possibility

Wormholes and Time-Machines in Nonminimally Coupled Matter-Curvature Theories of Gravity

In this work we show the existence of traversable wormhole and time-machine solutions in a modified theory of gravity where matter and curvature are nonminimally coupled. Those solutions present a




A comparison of certain kinematical test theories for Special Relativity including the Robertson and Mansouri–Sext test theories is presented and the accuracy of the experimental results testing

Recent results for solar-system tests of general relativity

submitted for AAS [] meeting AAS200 Date submitted: 2002-03-27 16:44:14 Electronic form version 3.0 (21 June 2000)

Laboratory tests of gravity

Experimental tests of gravity are probes for new physics. Theoretical speculations ranging from string theory scenarios to explanations of cosmological phenomena have led to many new experiments.

Modern Tests of Lorentz Invariance

This review summarizes both the theoretical frameworks for tests of Lorentz invariance and experimental advances that have made new high precision tests possible.

CPT violation and baryogenesis

Physical (ir)relevance of ambiguities to Lorentz and CPT violation in QED

We discuss the regularization and renormalization of QED with Lorentz and CPT violation, and argue that the coefficient of the Chern-Simons term is an independent parameter not determined by gauge


We discuss the validity of general relativity at low energy and relate the threshold below which the theory breaks down to the observed value of the cosmological constant. This suggests the existence

Theoretical frameworks for testing relativistic gravity. III - Conservation laws, Lorentz invariance, and values of the PPN parameters

Lorentz invariant theory for relativistic gravity testing, deriving conservation laws and parameter constraints from parametrized post-Newtonian equations of motion

The Confrontation between General Relativity and Experiment

  • C. Will
  • Physics, Geology
    Living reviews in relativity
  • 2001
Tests of general relativity at the post-Newtonian level have reached high precision, including the light defl ection the Shapiro time delay, the perihelion advance of Mercury, and the Nordtvedt effect in lunar motion.