[The experimental demonstration of "the isothermal meridian courses"].

  • Zhongli Li
  • Published 1996 in Zhen ci yan jiu = Acupuncture research


This experimental work has further verified the analysis and inference from "the meridians" discoverd by Mr. Hu Xianglong in author's previous article, the discrimination of physical location of "the isothermal meridians". The author has confirmed that "the isothermal meridians" were just processed and resolved from the color infrared image by computer, and they were the statistical lines and the schematic diagrams linked with the points of isotherm on the body surface. Some of "the isothermal meridians" were selected artificially from many statistical lines, which basically coincided with classical meridian courses. They completely conform with the law of the temperature diffusion, and could only reflect the natural tendency of the temperature diffusion on the body surface, but they are not the natural display of the travelling tracks of the meridian Qi and blood in the human body.

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