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The experiences of children participating in organised sport in the UK (Short paper)

  title={The experiences of children participating in organised sport in the UK (Short paper)},
  author={Kate Alexander and Anne Stafford and Ruth Lewis},
Sexual Violence Experienced in the Sport Context by a Representative Sample of Quebec Adolescents
The results show that 0.5% of adolescents experienced sexual abuse involving a coach, and questions are raised on the overrepresentation of boys in situations of sexual victimization experiences in an organized sport context.
‘ Physical and sexual abusewere found to be the most frequently alleged formsof abuse ’ ‘ The fi rst review of the safeguarding cases managed in sport within the UK
This study represents the first investigation into incidents of safeguarding concern in sport within the UK. Questionnaires were completed by 41 lead welfare officers from national governing bodies.
Understanding the Prevalence Rates of Interpersonal Violence Experienced by Young French-Speaking Swiss Athletes
Results showed that this instrument appears to be well-structured to measure interpersonal violence and understandable for young athletes, and the methodological need of standardization of research instruments is discussed.
Body shaming and associated practices as abuse: athlete entourage as perpetrators of abuse
ABSTRACT In the 2016 International Olympic Committee Consensus Statement on harassment and abuse, it was outlined that psychological abuse in sport research has been heavily focused on the
Development and initial factor validation of the Violence Toward Athletes Questionnaire (VTAQ) in a sample of young athletes
This study sought to develop and validate a questionnaire about violence experienced by children in sport. A convenience sample of 1055 French-Canadian athletes between 14 and 17 years old was
Interpersonal violence against children in sport in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Comparison of elite athletes’ sexual violence experiences in and outside sport
Research on the prevalence of sexual violence in sport mostly focuses on incidents of sexual violence that happen in the context of sport, but few studies are available that systematically
Reports of child protection and safeguarding concerns in sport and leisure settings: an analysis of English local authority data between 2010 and 2015
ABSTRACT The abuse of children in sport has received considerable attention in recent years not least in the UK, where high-profile disclosures of abuse by former sports professionals have led to
Comprehensive Overview of the Problem of Violence Against Athletes in Sport
The problem of violence against athletes is of growing concern. However, the scientific literature in this field tends to be specific to certain forms of violence and does not always provide a clear
Child Athletes and Athletic Objectification
This article examines the risks associated with conceptualizing the child athlete’s body primarily in aesthetic terms and as an instrument of sporting victory, and develops a concept of “athletic


Human Rights in Youth Sport: A Critical Review of Children's Rights in Competitive Sport
Part 1. The Conceptual Frame Part 2. In the best interests of the child? Part 3. Abuse and violence: the integrity of the child athlete Part 4. The economics of sports and its impact on the rights of
The emotional abuse of elite child athletes by their coaches
This study investigates the prevalence of emotional abuse of elite child athletes by their coaches in the UK. Previous research has focused primarily on the parent–child relationship, with little
“Shaking It Off” and “Toughing It Out”
Ignoring injuries and playing through pain are expected in organized sports. But how do novice athletes learn these social norms? Using participant-observation research focusing on adolescent girls
Women Athletes' Personal Responses to Sexual Harassment in Sport
The examination of sexual harassment in sport has become an active research field within the past two decades. It is especially important for sport psychology consultants to understand this issue
Sexual Harassment in Sport
Sexual harassment at institutions of higher learning is not a new phenomenon, but discussions of this problem in the sporting arena and in related research are still scarce. Most studies have focused
Elite Female Swimmers' Experiences of Emotional Abuse Across Time
ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to investigate athletes' experiences of emotional abuse. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 14 retired, elite, female swimmers and data were
This article presents results from the first sports-specific sexual abuse study in Denmark. The aim of the study was to focus on the interpersonal relations between coaches and athletes and establish