The experience of open access youth work: the voice of young people

  title={The experience of open access youth work: the voice of young people},
  author={Daisy Ritchie and J. Ord},
  journal={Journal of Youth Studies},
  pages={269 - 282}
ABSTRACT This research explores young people’s experiences of open access youth work and identifies what they consider to be its value. The detailed analysis of the data, achieved through focus groups, revealed that ‘association’ was a key driver of engagement. It also highlighted the support system the youth club creates amongst the peers. The young people also valued the relationships they form with youth workers and acknowledge the support and guidance offered to them which better enables… Expand
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(NB: Credited p. 17) The first major study on youth work in England commissioned by government since 1982. Malcolm Payne was the Principal Investigator. ISSN:1012-8093
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While funding is scarce, commissioners can still help embed youth work principles in wider provision, says Toni Badnall-Neill
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  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Pervasive Comput.
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