The expansion of non-financial reporting: an exploratory study

  title={The expansion of non-financial reporting: an exploratory study},
  author={Herv{\'e} Stolowy and Luc Paugam},
  journal={Accounting and Business Research},
  pages={525 - 548}
We investigate how non-financial reporting (NFR) is defined and has expanded in recent years. First, we explore the heterogeneity in definitions and current NFR practices. We find a lack of convergence between regulators and standard-setters, as well as leading sustainable firms. Second, we examine the changes in the extent and type of NFR reported by firms over the period 2006–2016. Based on a sample of firms in South Africa, we document a significant increase in the amount of NFR… 
The Comparability of Non-Financial Information: An Exploration of the Impact of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD, 2014/95/EU)
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Assessment of the Mandatory Non-Financial Reporting of Romanian Companies in the Circular Economy Context
This study empirically validated the link between non- financial reporting and financial performance and the practical implications for managers can be to focus on improving the quality of non-financial reporting by better presenting the sustainability actions in a circular economy context.
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The need for non-financial reporting was strengthened by the challenges of a globalized environment based on the knowledge of business activities and on the promotion of the use of information.
The non-financial reporting practices of Hungarian listed public interest entities considering the 2014/95/EU Directive
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Voluntary versus mandatory non-financial disclosure
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Integrated reporting in South Africa: some initial evidence
Purpose – This study aims to examine whether the integrated reports prepared in accordance with the King III Code of corporate governance regulation are providing the information intended of
Non-financial Reporting
  • B. Hannigan
  • Business
    Transparency of Stock Corporations in Europe
  • 2019
Non-financial or sustainability reporting: the practice of measuring, disclosing and being accountable to internal and external stakeholders for organisational performance towards the goal of
Determinants and Economic Consequences of Non-financial Disclosure Quality
Abstract This paper examines the determinants and economic consequences of non-financial disclosure quality, which is measured according to the ratings of corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Corporate Sustainable Development: is ‘Integrated Reporting’ a Legitimation Strategy?
In the field of sustainability reporting (SR), the so-called ‘integrated report’ (IR) is gaining momentum. In spite of its voluntary nature, a growing number of firms are adopting IR by participating