The expanding role of prodrugs in contemporary drug design and development

  title={The expanding role of prodrugs in contemporary drug design and development},
  author={Jarkko Rautio and Nicholas A. Meanwell and Li Di and Michael J. Hageman},
  journal={Nature Reviews Drug Discovery},
Prodrugs are molecules with little or no pharmacological activity that are converted to the active parent drug in vivo by enzymatic or chemical reactions or by a combination of the two. Prodrugs have evolved from being serendipitously discovered or used as a salvage effort to being intentionally designed. Such efforts can avoid drug development challenges that limit formulation options or result in unacceptable biopharmaceutical or pharmacokinetic performance, or poor targeting. In the past 10… 
Prodrugs for Improved Drug Delivery: Lessons Learned from Recently Developed and Marketed Products
Overall, the prodrug approach is a powerful tool to decrease the time/costs of developing new drug entities and improve overall drug therapy.
Recent Advances in Prodrug-based Nanoparticle Therapeutics.
The purpose of this review is to understand the prodrugs, strategies incorporated in designing the proDrugs, applications, their crucial benefits in targeted action at a specific site of the body, their advantageous effects in chemotherapy.
Design of BET Inhibitor Prodrugs with Superior Efficacy and Devoid of Systemic Toxicities
Through tuning of traceless linkers appended to a “brush prodrug” scaffold, it is demonstrated that it is possible to correlate in vitro prodrug activation kinetics with in vivo tumor pharmacokinetics, leading to novel BETi prodrugs with enhanced anti-tumor efficacy and devoid of dose-limiting toxicities.
The prospects of lipidic prodrugs: an old approach with emerging an future.
Overall, lipidic prodrugs present a promising approach for overcoming different obstacles and fulfilling various unmet needs in drug delivery/targeting.
Molecular Modeling-Guided Design of Phospholipid-Based Prodrugs
Computational simulation-guided PL-based prodrug molecular design correlates well with the experimental results, allowing for more mechanistic and less empirical development.
Carbamate Group as Structural Motif in Drugs: A Review of Carbamate Derivatives used as Therapeutic Agents
A brief review takes a look at the properties and use of carbamates in various fields of medicine and provides quick insights into the mechanisms of action for some of them.
Design of BET Inhibitor Bottlebrush Prodrugs with Superior Efficacy and Devoid of Systemic Toxicities.
Prodrugs engineered for preferential activation in diseased versus normal tissues offer immense potential to improve the therapeutic indexes (TIs) of preclinical and clinical-stage active
Engineering of small-molecule lipidic prodrugs as novel nanomedicines for enhanced drug delivery
The rational design of SLPs in response to the physiological barriers of chemotherapeutic agents is highlighted, and their biomedical applications are also emphasized with special functions, followed by a brief introduction of the promising opportunities and potential challenges of SLP-based drug delivery systems (DDSs) in clinical application.


Prodrugs: design and clinical applications
The most common functional groups that are amenable to prodrug design are described, and examples of prodrugs that are either launched or are undergoing human trials are highlighted.
Prodrugs as therapeutics
It appears that prodrugs to overcome barriers to the delivery of problematic drug candidates are becoming an integral part of the drug discovery paradigm.
Prodrugs—from Serendipity to Rational Design
The rationale behind the use of the prodrug approach from past to present is introduced, and the possible problems that can arise from inadequate activation of prodrugs are considered.
Amino acids as promoieties in prodrug design and development.
Prodrugs – Recent approvals and a glimpse of the pipeline
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Prodrugs: Some thoughts and current issues.
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The prodrug approach to resolving formulation, delivery, and toxicity limitations on problematic drugs has had its proponents and detractors, and is becoming an integral part of the drug discovery paradigm in some large pharma companies.
Prodrug design to improve pharmacokinetic and drug delivery properties: challenges to the discovery scientists.
This article is intended to encourage discovery scientists to be creative and consider a rationally designed prodrug approach during the lead optimization phase of drug discovery programs, when the structure activity relationship for the drug target is incompatible with pharmacokinetic or biopharmaceutical objectives.
Prodrug strategies to overcome poor water solubility.