The excretion of pethidine and its derivatives.

  title={The excretion of pethidine and its derivatives.},
  author={A M Asatoor and Dennis London and Mary Milne and M L Simenhoff},
  journal={British journal of pharmacology and chemotherapy},
The excretion of pethidine and its metabolite norpethidine is increased in acid urine and decreased in alkaline urine. Excretion of these two bases is the main route of removal of pethidine from the body if the urine is highly acid. If the urine is alkaline, excretion of the hydrolysis products meperidinic and normeperidinic acids, both as free acids and as conjugates, is the more important means of elimination of the drug. Acidification of the urine with ammonium chloride is indicated in the… CONTINUE READING