The excitation of plane surface waves

  title={The excitation of plane surface waves},
  author={Alexander Lamb Cullen},
It is shown that a surface wave will be generated by a horizontal slot situated above a corrugated or dielectric-coated guiding surface.A physical interpretation of the analysis is suggested which explains the mechanism of launching in terms of a resonance phenomenon allied to that which arises when a piston attenuator is terminated by a reactance equal and opposite to its own (reactive) characteristic impedance.The problem of efficient launching is discussed, and it is shown that under… 

Efficiency of surface wave excitation

The excitation efficiency of surface waves is the ratio between the power in an open-waveguide mode and the total power available at the feed. It should be maximized if the open waveguide is used as

Some theoretical results for surface wave launchers

The design of surface wave launchers is examined and it is shown that the efficiency of a launcher of finite size can approach arbitrarily near to 100 per cent. For a given size of launcher, there is

The launching of surface waves by an end-fire array of slots

An end-fire array of slots suitable for launching a surface wave on a dielectric-coated metal sheet is described and analysed. The analysis is based on the representation of the slots as magnetic

Excitation of a grounded dielectric slab by a horizontal dipole

The structure consisting of a horizontal electric dipole above a grounded dielectric slab is examined, primarily from the standpoint of power distribution among the two power-carrying wave

Transmission and reflection of electromagnetic waves in the presence of stratified media

A genera l analysis is presented for t he electromagnetic response of a plane stratified medium consist ing of any number of parallel homogeneous layers. The solution is first developed for pla

Excitation of Surface Waves on a Unidirectionally Conducting Screen

The excitation of plane surface waves by a line source on a unidirectionally conducting 1) infinite and 2) semi-infinite screen is considered. The conditions for the existence of the surface wave and

Diffraction of a cylindrical surface wave by a discontinuity in surface reactance

This scattering problem is essentially two-dimensional due to the circular symmetry of the incident TM mode, and is solved exactly by the Wiener-Hopf technique. As stated, the incident wave is the

The launching of radial cylindrical surface waves by a circumferential slot

The efficiency with which radial cylindrical surface waves may be launched by a circumferential slot is investigated theoretically and experimentally. The radius of the slot has been found to affect

The diffraction of surface waves by a terminated structure in the form of a right-angle bend

A collection of numerical results have been computed from an exact solution for the diffraction of surface waves by a right-angle bend which is reactive on one surface and is perfectly conducting on

A note on the excitation of surface waves

The paper gives an extension of results on the launching efficiency of surface waves obtained in a previous paper.In particular, a study is made of the effect on the launching efficiency curves of



Surface Waves and Their Application to Transmission Lines

In this paper the applicability of non‐radiating surface waves for transmission lines is investigated. Two types of waves are considered. The first one, originally studied by A. Sommerfeld, is guided

Theory of the Single‐Wire Transmission Line

Equations are derived for the current induced in an infinitely long, thin, straight wire of nonzero surface impedance when the wire is connected to a flanged coaxial line. Also, radiation field

Ground-wave propagation over an inhomogeneous smooth earth

The problem of ground-wave propagation over an inhomogeneous smooth earth is discussed in terms of the known solution for a homogeneous earth. The inhomogeneity refers only to changes in the earth

The Effect of a Grounded Slab on the Radiation from a Line Source

A theoretical investigation, based upon the method of fourier transforms, is made of the effect of a grounded dielectric slab on the radiation from a line source. It is shown that the principal part

A relation between the Sommerfeld theory of radio propagation over a flat earth and the theory of diffraction at a straight edge

A new way of visualizing the Sommerfeld theory of propagation over a flat, imperfectly reflecting earth is presented. The Sommerfeld theory arises because the ray theory of propagation from a source

An investigation of the characteristics of cylindrical surface waves

Some quantitative measurements on cylindrical surface waves have been made at a frequency of approximately 10 000 Mc/s. For this purpose an axial standing-wave indicator and an instrument for

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