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The exact SL(K+3,C) symmetry of string theory

  title={The exact SL(K+3,C) symmetry of string theory},
  author={Sheng-Hong Lai and Jen-Chi Lee and Yi Yang},
  • Sheng-Hong Lai, Jen-Chi Lee, Yi Yang
  • Published 13 August 2021
  • Physics
Abstract By using on-shell recursion relation of string scattering amplitudes (SSA), we show that all npoint SSA of the open bosonic string theory can be expressed in terms of the Lauricella functions. This result extends the previous exact SL(K+3,C) symmetry of the 4-point Lauricella SSA (LSSA) of three tachyons and one arbitrary string states to the whole tree-level open bosonic string theory. 


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