The evolutionary origins of patriarchy

  title={The evolutionary origins of patriarchy},
  author={Barbara B. Smuts},
  journal={Human Nature},
  • B. Smuts
  • Published 1 March 1995
  • Psychology
  • Human Nature
This article argues that feminist analyses of patriarchy should be expanded to address the evolutionary basis of male motivation to control female sexuality. Evidence from other primates of male sexual coercion and female resistance to it indicates that the sexual conflicts of interest that underlie patriarchy predate the emergence of the human species. Humans, however, exhibit more extensive male dominance and male control of female sexuality than is shown by most other primates. Six… 
Paternity uncertainty and the complex repertoire of human mating strategies.
ences presented by Buss could also be explained by the subordination of women in patriarchal culture, rather than as a result of differences in evolutionary adaptation. Although Buss rejects
Raising Darwin’s consciousness
It is argued here that female solicitation of multiple males characterized prehominid females; this prehominationid legacy of cyclical sexual assertiveness generated further male counter-strategies, which had important implications for emerging hominid mating systems, human evolution, and the development of patriarchal arrangements in some human societies.
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Today the modern Darwinian theory of evolution is the unifying theory within the biological sciences. A consideration of its implications for feminism is, however, impossible without a critical
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Studies of patriarchy typically focus on women’s subordination to men and the detrimental consequences for females. In this study, however, the authors predict that greater social empowerment of


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It is demonstrated how insight provided by participation in life as woman and also as a feminist suggests testable hypotheses about the evolution of social behavior—hypotheses that are applicable to the authors' investigations of the evolutionof social behavior in nonhuman animals.
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When the famine in Shansi was over, and I began to consider the reasons of it, I felt I must study the causes of human suffering, not only in China but in all the world. In pondering Western
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The findings suggest that the evolution of male reproductive strategies in baboons can only be understood by considering the relationship between sex and friendship: female baboons prefer to mate with males who have previously engaged in friendly interaction with them and their offspring.
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Without an understanding of the seamy side of sexuality there is no understanding of politics. Norman O. Brown, Love's Body The entire matter of gender relationship is so caught up in the politics of
Male aggression against women
  • B. Smuts
  • Psychology, Sociology
    Human nature
  • 1992
A comparative, evolutionary perspective is used to generate several hypotheses to help to explain cross-cultural variation in the frequency of male aggression against women.
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Gyn/Ecology: The Metaethics of Radical Feminism
You may not be perplexed to enjoy all ebook collections gyn ecology the metaethics of radical feminism mary daly that we will unquestionably offer. It is not in this area the costs. It's more or less