[The evolution of iliac artery surgery: vascular endoprostheses].


The Authors report their experience about vascular endoprostheses in iliac arterial stenoses and thromboses. Results are discussed in relation to technical difficulties and indications. The comparison between classic vascular surgery previously used, and the endovascular procedures recently adopted, leads the Authors to assert the validity of this last technique. However the need of precise indications based on radiological and angioscopic findings is stressed.

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@article{Manes1993TheEO, title={[The evolution of iliac artery surgery: vascular endoprostheses].}, author={Lawrence V. Manes and Michel Ferdani and Max L. De Reggi and J M Jausseran}, journal={Il Giornale di chirurgia}, year={1993}, volume={14 9}, pages={467-71} }