The evolution of hyoid apparatus in Xenarthra (Mammalia: Eutheria)

  title={The evolution of hyoid apparatus in Xenarthra (Mammalia: Eutheria)},
  author={Daniel Casali and F. Perini},
  journal={Historical Biology},
  pages={777 - 788}
  • Daniel Casali, F. Perini
  • Published 2017
  • Biology
  • Historical Biology
  • Abstract The hyoid apparatus reflects aspects of the form and function of feeding in living and extinct organisms and, despite the availability of information about this structure for Xenarthra, it remains little explored from an evolutionary perspective. Here we compare the morphology of the hyoid apparatus in xenarthrans, describing its general morphology and variation in each major clade and score these variations as phylogenetic characters, which were submitted to ancestral states… CONTINUE READING
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