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The evolution of helium white dwarfs: I. The companion of the millisecond pulsar PSR J1012+5307

  title={The evolution of helium white dwarfs: I. The companion of the millisecond pulsar PSR J1012+5307},
  author={Thomas Driebe and Detlef Schonberner and Thomas Blocker and F. Herwig Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie and Bonn and Germany Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam and Potsdam and Germany Institut fuer Theoretische PhysikAstrophysik and University of Kiel and H Germany},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
We present a grid of evolutionary tracks for low-mass white dwarfs with helium cores in the mass range from 0.179 to 0.414 Msol. The lower mass limit is well-suited for comparison with white dwarf companions of millisecond pulsars. The tracks are based on a 1 Msol model sequence extending from the pre-main sequence stage up to the tip of the red-giant branch. Applying large mass loss rates at appropriate positions forced the models to move off the giant branch. The further evolution was then… Expand
Multi-periodic pulsations of a stripped red-giant star in an eclipsing binary system
The observed pulsation frequencies are sensitive to internal processes that determine whether this star will undergo shell flashes, and only models in which this disrupted red-giant star has a thick hydrogen envelope can match the strong constraints provided by the data. Expand
The white dwarf luminosity function
White dwarfs are the final remnants of low- and intermediate-mass stars. Their evolution is essentially a cooling process that lasts for $\sim 10$ Gyr. Their observed properties provide informationExpand
Population synthesis of rapidly rotating main-sequence stars with companions
Usingthe “Scenario Machine” (a specialized numerical code formodeling the evolution of large ensembles of binary systems), we have studied the physical properties of rapidly rotating main-sequenceExpand
Spectroscopic Analyses of subluminous B stars in binaries
The masses of compact objects like white dwarfs, neutron sta rs and black holes are fundamental to astrophysics, but very difficult to measure. We present th e results of an analysis of subluminous BExpand
The cool companion of AA Doradus—Brown dwarf or late M star?
AA Dor is one of only seven known eclipsing binaries consisting of a hot subdwarf star and a low-mass companion. Although AA Dor has been studied in many investigations, a controversy about theExpand
Planetary nebulae after common-envelope phases initiated by low-mass red giants
It is likely that at least some planetary nebulae are composed of matter which was ejected from a binary star system during common-envelope (CE) evolution. For these planetary nebulae the ionizingExpand
Hot Subdwarf Stars
Hot subdwarf stars (sdBs, sdOs) are core helium-burning stars at the blue end of the horizontal branch or have evolved even beyond that stage. They are found in all Galactic stellar populations andExpand
The fastest unbound star in our Galaxy ejected by a thermonuclear supernova
A spectroscopic and kinematic analysis of US 708, the fastest unbound star in the authors' Galaxy, finds that it is a fast rotator and according to the binary evolution model, it was spun-up by tidal interaction in a close binary and is likely to be the ejected donor remnant of a thermonuclear supernova. Expand
Dynamical determination of the quadrupole mass moment of a white dwarf
Abstract In this paper we dynamically determine the quadrupole mass moment Q of the magnetic white dwarf WD 0137-349 by looking for deviations from the third Kepler law induced by Q in the orbitalExpand
Survival of a brown dwarf after engulfment by a red giant star
The discovery of a brown dwarf in a short period orbit around a white dwarf is reported and the properties of both stars can be directly observed and show that the brown dwarf was engulfed by a red giant but that this had little effect on it. Expand


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