The evolution of color vision in insects.

  title={The evolution of color vision in insects.},
  author={A. Briscoe and L. Chittka},
  journal={Annual review of entomology},
  • A. Briscoe, L. Chittka
  • Published 2001
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annual review of entomology
  • We review the physiological, molecular, and neural mechanisms of insect color vision. Phylogenetic and molecular analyses reveal that the basic bauplan, UV-blue-green-trichromacy, appears to date back to the Devonian ancestor of all pterygote insects. There are variations on this theme, however. These concern the number of color receptor types, their differential expression across the retina, and their fine tuning along the wavelength scale. In a few cases (but not in many others), these… CONTINUE READING
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