The evolution and function of carotenoid hydroxylases in Arabidopsis.

  title={The evolution and function of carotenoid hydroxylases in Arabidopsis.},
  author={Joonyul Kim and James J. Smith and Li Tian and Dean DellaPenna},
  journal={Plant & cell physiology},
  volume={50 3},
To gain insight into the evolution of xanthophyll synthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana, we analyzed two pairs of duplicated carotenoid hydroxylase enzymes in Arabidopsis thaliana: the cytochrome P450 enzymes CYP97A3 and CYP97C1, and non-heme di-iron enzymes, BCH1 and BCH2. Hydroxylated carotenes did not accumulate in a quadruple mutant for these four genes, demonstrating that they encode the full complement of carotenoid hydroxylases in A. thaliana. We were thus able to infer definitively the… CONTINUE READING
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