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The evaluation of cuphea pulchra and cuphea schumannii as potential new ornamental crops for introduction into the Floriculture industry

  title={The evaluation of cuphea pulchra and cuphea schumannii as potential new ornamental crops for introduction into the Floriculture industry},
  author={J. Leopold},


NBI-Ball agreement: a new phase in bioprospecting
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Revision of Cuphea Section Heterodon (Lythraceae)
Structure-Function Relationships Affecting the Insecticidal and Miticidal Activity of Sugar Esters
Synthetic sugar ester chemistry offers a unique opportunity to design an insecticide or miticide specific to certain arthropod pests which would be valuable in crop integrated pest management (IPM) programs.
Characterization of Insecticidal Sugar Esters of Petunia
The recent finding that leaf surface glycolipids of Petunia × hybrida Hort. plants possess insecticidal activity against sweetpotato whiteflies prompted a search for the specific compounds
Height Control of Poinsettia Using Photoselective Filters
The results indicate that poinsettia is highly sensitive to the R : FR ratio, and that spectral manipulation has potential for height control of commercial poinsettsia crops.
Dormancy-breaking protocols for Cuphea seed
Experiments comparing germination tests of freshly-harvested seeds with tests of the same seeds approximately one year later showed that the benefits obtained by using the accelerated after-ripening technique versus controls were less dramatic over time, as increased germinations, probably due to natural after- ripening of the seeds, reduced differences in germination percentages between the two treatments.
GROWTH RETARDANTS: Effects on Gibberellin Biosynthesis and Other Metabolic Pathways.
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Plant growth retardants are applied in agronomic and horticultural crops to reduce unwanted longitudinal shoot growth without lowering plant productivity by inhibiting gibberellin (GA) biosynthesis.
Sucrose esters of carboxylic acids in glandular trichomes ofSolanum berthaultii deter settling and probing by green peach aphid
Type B trichome exudate of the S. berthaultii accession PI 473331 is composed of a complex of 3′,3,4,6-tetra-O-acyl sucroses containing primarily short-chain branched carboxylic acids.
Evaluation of new floricultural crops: a systems approach
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