The evaluation of columbus’ ‘India’ project by Portuguese and Spanish cosmographers in the light of the geographical science of the period

  title={The evaluation of columbus’ ‘India’ project by Portuguese and Spanish cosmographers in the light of the geographical science of the period},
  author={W. G. L. Randles},
  journal={Imago Mundi},
... standosi [Colombo] in Portogallo comincio a congietturare che, siccome quei Portoghesi camminavano tanto lontano al mezzo di, medisimamente si potrebbe camminare alla volta dell' Occidente, e che di ragione si potrebbe trovare terra in quel cammino'. Fernando Colombo, Le Historie della Vita e deifatti di Cristoforo Colombo, Venice, 1571 (ed. Rinaldo Caddeo, Milan, 1930) I, Chap. V, p. 39. 'While in Portugal, it began to occur to Columbus that, just as the Portuguese were sailing so far to… 

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