The euthanasia law in Belgium and the Netherlands

  title={The euthanasia law in Belgium and the Netherlands},
  author={Luc Deliens and Gerrit van der Wal},
  journal={The Lancet},

Euthanasia, assisted suicide, and the philosophical anthropology of Karol Wojtyla.

This paper will focus on four arguments used to justify assisted suicide and euthanasia, and seek to answer each claim from the perspective of Karol Wojtyla's philosophical anthropology.

Euthanasia and other end-of-life decisions: a mortality follow-back study in Belgium

Even though legal and general healthcare systems are the same for the whole country, there are considerable variations between the communities in type and prevalence of certain end-of-life decisions, even after controlling for population differences.

A post-mortem survey on end-of-life decisions using a representative sample of death certificates in Flanders, Belgium: research protocol

The protocol of the 2007 ELD Study in Flanders, Belgium, is appropriate for achieving the objectives of the study; as past studies in Belgium, the Netherlands, and other European countries have shown, strictly anonymous and thorough surveys among physicians using a large, stratified, and representative death certificate sample are most suitable in nationwide studies of incidence and characteristics of end-of-life decisions.

Guidelines for physician-assisted suicide

The article presents the Argument from Autonomy and the Respect for Others Argument as pleas for physicianassisted suicide (PAS) and detailed guidelines for physician-assisted suicide, arguing that the authors need to insist on them as human lives are at stake.

Relationship Between COVID-19, Euthanasia and Old Age: A Study from a Legal-Ethical Perspective

The present work investigates whether those countries or geographical areas where euthanasia is legalized, decriminalized or socially accepted, have followed selective policies limiting access to healthcare by the elderly, thus undermining what is understood as quality of life.

Flemish healthcare providers’ attitude towards tiredness of life and euthanasia: a survey study

A lack of awareness of the legal basis for euthanasia in the context of ToL among all HCPs, differences in the extent of comprehension between nurses and physicians and differences in willingness to actually perform euthanasia between geriatricians and GPs are shown.

Factors predicting the risk of loss of decisional capacity for medical assistance in dying: a retrospective database review.

The PPS score at the time of MAiD request was strongly associated with loss of capacity or shortening of the reflection period, with lower scores incrementally increasing the risk of these outcomes.

Tiredness of Life in Older Persons: An Evolutionary Concept Analysis

Analysis of its defining attributes and antecedents provides important information related to its impact and potential risk factors and more work is needed to grasp the experience of tiredness of life.