The estimation of linkage from the offspring of selfed heterozygotes

  title={The estimation of linkage from the offspring of selfed heterozygotes},
  author={Ronald Aylmer Sir Fisher and Bhai Balmukand},
  journal={Journal of Genetics},
SummaryFive methods of solution are given of the statistical problem presented by typical linkage data. The example chosen shows the various errors into which the use of inefficient statistics leads. Of the efficient methods the method of maximum likelihood possesses the advantage that it may be applied directly to any analogous problem, and is related in a previously unsuspected way to the measure of discrepancyX2. The product ratio method, for using which a table is provided, enjoys the… 
The genetics ofPrimula sinensis
The linkage values found in different families show a remarkable constancy, and in two regions linkage is tighter on the male than on the female side, in two looser, while in two others it is nearly the same.
Linkage in the tetraploidPrimula sinensis
The six readily available gametic series contain only one adjustable constantp, and since the experimental results in other cases agree reasonably well with prediction whenp has been calculated from the results of single coupling, this affords substantial support of the chromosome theory of inheritance.
F2breed, a New Program for Construction of Genetic Linkage Maps
A new program F2breed for Windows and Linux operating systems, designed for estimation of recombination frequency between the genetic loci and construction of genetic maps based on the analysis of inheritance in a F2 population, is presented.
The genetics and cytology ofDahlia variabilis
Dahlia species could be divided into two distinct groups for flower colour: Group I (ivory-magenta) ~ and Group II (yellow-orange-scarlet) and both series occur within D. va,riabilis.
Even More Direct Calculation of the Variance of a Maximum Penalized-Likelihood Estimator
We discuss here two examples of estimation by numerical maximization of penalized likelihood. We show that, in these examples, it is simpler not to use the EM algorithm for computation of the
Review on Use of Mathematics for Progression of Biological Sciences
The mathematics and biology are the interdisciplinary approaches in the field of scientific research and both are serving a lot to orchestrate the progression of the global research.
Inheritance of the ps mutation in sugar beet
It is made that a gene with a strong phenotypic effect that determines the development of the phenotype characteristic of mutation ps is located in the first linkage group near genes B and Stc.
A synthesis of mapping experiments reveals extensive genomic structural diversity in the Mimulus guttatus species complex
A new statistical method and computational tools that use linkage information to reorganize a single reference genome to 1) repair genome assembly errors, and 2) identify variation between individuals or populations of the same species are introduced.
Mathematics Serve to Orchestrate the Progression of Studies In Biological Sciences: Overview on Occasion of April, the Mathematics Awareness Month
The mathematics and biology are the interdisciplinary approaches in the field of scientific research and both are serving a lot to orchestrate the progression of the global research.
Mathematical Statistics with Applications
Step-by-step procedure to solve real problems, making the topic more accessible, and exercises blend theory and modern applications.


The probable errors of calculated linkage values, and the most accurate method of determining gametic from certain zygotic series
A method is given by which the best possible linkage values may be calculated from the offspring of the latter two crosses, i.e. from F2, which is almost as accurate a means of measuring linkage as are the offspring fromF1 × double recessive.
Theory of Statistical Estimation
It has been pointed out to me that some of the statistical ideas employed in the following investigation have never received a strictly logical definition and analysis, and it is desirable to set out for criticism the manner in which the logical foundations of these ideas may be established.
On the Mathematical Foundations of Theoretical Statistics
Centre of Location. That abscissa of a frequency curve for which the sampling errors of optimum location are uncorrelated with those of optimum scaling. (9.)
A Genetic Study of Certain Chlorophyll Deficiencies in Maize.
A genetic study of certain chlorophyll deficiencies in maize shows signs of being passed off to other crops by the immune system through various mechanisms, including “cell reprograming” and “self-consistency”.
" T h e chromosome hypothesis of linkage
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