The erythrocyte sedimentation rate in congestive heart failure.

  title={The erythrocyte sedimentation rate in congestive heart failure.},
  author={Howard L. Haber and Justine Leavy and Paul D. Kessler and Marrick L. Kukin and Stephen S Gottlieb and Milton Packer},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
  volume={324 6},
BACKGROUND AND METHODS Physicians have long believed that the erythrocyte sedimentation rate is low in patients with congestive heart failure, but this concept is based on a misinterpretation of the results in a single report published in 1936. To reevaluate this concept in the modern era, we measured the sedimentation rate in 242 patients who were referred for treatment of chronic heart failure. RESULTS The sedimentation rate was low (less than 5 mm per hour) in only 24 patients (10 percent… CONTINUE READING
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