The erythrocyte sedimentation curve: a semi-empirical approach.

  title={The erythrocyte sedimentation curve: a semi-empirical approach.},
  author={C. Puccini and D. Stasiw and L. Cerny},
  volume={14 1},

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Erythrocyte sedimentation: Effect of aggregation energy on gel structure during collapse
Anil Kumar Dasanna, Alexis Darras, ∗ Thomas John, Gerhard Gompper, Lars Kaestner, 3 Christian Wagner, 4 and Dmitry A. Fedosov Theoretical Physics of Living Matter, Institute of Biological InformationExpand
Erythrocyte sedimentation: Fracture and collapse of a high-volume-fraction soft-colloid gel
Alexis Darras, ∗ Anil Kumar Dasanna, Thomas John, Gerhard Gompper, Lars Kaestner, 3 Dmitry A. Fedosov, and Christian Wagner 4 Experimental Physics, Saarland University, 66123 Saarbruecken, GermanyExpand
Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy of blood. Part 3: a study of the correlation between blood conductivity and sedimentation to shorten the erythrocyte sedimentation rate test
The study of erythrocyte aggregation and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is very important both for basic research and medical applications. The duration of the Westergren ESR test is one hourExpand
Effects of Aggregation on Blood Sedimentation and Conductivity
A method for calculating blood conductivity based on effective medium theory is presented and it is experimentally demonstrated that the disaggregated cells settle much slower than the aggregated cells, which could be examined as a potential means of accelerating ESR tests in clinical practice. Expand
The mechanism of erythrocyte sedimentation. Part 1: Channeling in sedimenting blood.
It is found that after the aggregation process is completed, the admittance reveals delayed changes caused by the formation of cell-free zones within the settling dispersed phase, which suggests that erythrocytes in aggregating media form a network followed by theformation of plasma channels within it. Expand
Comparison of Hough and Fourier transform approach in the study of kinetics of red blood cell aggregates
The kinetics of three-dimensional red blood cell (RBC) aggregates during sedimentation using an optical method was studied. The blood was taken from healthy donors. Sedimentation of RBCs andExpand
Optical analysis of red blood cell sediment formation.
The red blood cell (RBC) sediment formation was studied using an optical method and a novel curve describing the sedimentation process called the deposit formation curve was found. Expand
A digital sedimentator for measuring erythrocyte sedimentation rate using a linear image sensor
A digital apparatus was fabricated to determine accurately the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) using a linear image sensor. Currently, ESR is utilized for clinical diagnosis, and in theExpand
Effects of contrast media on erythrocyte aggregation during sedimentation.
Both the ionic and nonionic CMs tend to inhibit the RBC aggregation more than that in SAL; the latter iopamidol appears to be inhibitory more than the former diatrizoate in autologous plasma. Expand