The epistles and Christian ethics

  title={The epistles and Christian ethics},
  author={Stephen C. Barton},
IS THERE SUCH A THING AS ‘NEW TESTAMENT ETHICS’? The moral teaching of the New Testament epistles may be summed up as a radical reinterpretation of the scriptures and the story of Israel in the light of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. This teaching took shape to serve the needs of groups of believers in the fi rst century seeking to live out their Christian discipleship in the towns and cities of the Roman empire, from Palestine and Syria in the east to Rome in the west… 
Towards a permeable Spirit ecclesiology in the context of North India
This research offers permeable Spirit ecclesiology as a viable way forward for the churches in the context of the challenges in North India. Broadly, the challenges of the church in North India are
The Theo-Logic of Paul's Ethics in Recent Research: Crosscurrents and Future Directions in Scholarship in the Last Forty Years
This essay presents a survey of scholarship on the theology or logic (hence `theo-logic') of Paul's ethics in the last forty years. Exploring the work of such prominent Pauline scholars as V.P.
A Religious Ethics of Translation: The Love Command
  • A. Wolf
  • Psychology
    Journal of Translation
  • 2015
Our understanding of ethics in the field of translation studies shows a secular bias which has distorted our moral vision. This article examines recent accounts of the role of ethics when