The epigenetic paradigm in periodontitis pathogenesis


Epigenome refers to "epi" meaning outside the "genome." Epigenetics is the field of study of the epigenome. Epigenetic modifications include changes in the promoter CpG Islands, modifications of histone protein structure, posttranslational repression by micro-RNA which contributes to the alteration of gene expression. Epigenetics provides an understanding… (More)
DOI: 10.4103/0972-124X.145784


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@inproceedings{Lavu2015TheEP, title={The epigenetic paradigm in periodontitis pathogenesis}, author={Vamsi Lavu and V. Vaithianathan Venkatesan and Suresh Ranga Rao}, booktitle={Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology}, year={2015} }