The epidemiology of schistosomiasis in Egypt: Menofia Governorate.

  title={The epidemiology of schistosomiasis in Egypt: Menofia Governorate.},
  author={Mohamed Abdel-Wahab and Gamal Esmat and E Medhat and Shaker Narooz and Ibrahim Ramzy and Y A el-Boraey and G. Thomas Strickland},
  journal={The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene},
  volume={62 2 Suppl},
Health questionnaires and parasitologic examinations of urine and stool were performed upon a stratified random sample of 10,899 individuals from 1,537 households in 27 rural communities in Menofia Governorate in Egypt in 1992 to investigate the prevalence of, risk factors for, and changing pattern of infection with Schistosoma sp. in the governorate. A subset, every fifth household, or 1,480 subjects, had physical and ultrasound examinations to investigate prevalence of and risk factors for… CONTINUE READING


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