The epidemiology of mumps in southern Alberta 1980-1982.

  title={The epidemiology of mumps in southern Alberta 1980-1982.},
  author={W A Falk and K. S. Buchan and Michael G T Dow and John Z Garson and Elizabeth Hill and Miloslav Nosal and M Tarrant and Roinell Westbury and Franklin M. M. White},
  journal={American journal of epidemiology},
  volume={130 4},
The full spectrum of mumps in Southern Alberta was studied over the years 1980-1982. In the community, a random sample of 3,497 children was tested for prevalence of immunity to mumps. The 1,816 who were not immune were retested after one year. The incidence of new immunity was 16.5%. Most seroconverters had no illness suggestive of mumps. History of previous mumps or immunization were found to be unreliable predictors of serologic immune status. In the family study, information was obtained on… CONTINUE READING

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