The epidemiology of blastomycosis in dogs: north central Wisconsin, USA.

  title={The epidemiology of blastomycosis in dogs: north central Wisconsin, USA.},
  author={Dennis Jay Baumgardner and Daniel P Paretsky and Adam Charles Yopp},
  journal={Journal of medical and veterinary mycology : bi-monthly publication of the International Society for Human and Animal Mycology},
  volume={33 3},
The epidemiological features of 59 consecutive cases of blastomycosis in domestic dogs, from a single veterinary practice in Eagle River, Wisconsin over a 3-year period, were examined by owner interview. The control sample included: (i) all porcupine quill-injured dogs during this time period (outdoor exposed dogs); and (ii) every sixth dog receiving a rabies vaccination during the second year of study (representative of all dogs in the practice). The estimated mean annual incidence of… CONTINUE READING

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