The epidemiology of HIV infection in a rural area of Guinea-Bissau.

  title={The epidemiology of HIV infection in a rural area of Guinea-Bissau.},
  author={Andrew N J Wilkins and Dominic Ricard and Jim Todd and Hilton Whittle and Francisco J. O. Dias and A Paulo Da Silva},
  volume={7 8},
OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of HIV infection and its relationship to age, sex and other factors. DESIGN AND SETTING Cross-sectional survey of a rural community in Guinea-Bissau. METHODS Questionnaire-administration and screening of sera from subjects aged > or = 15 years. RESULTS Of the 2770 subjects tested, 220 (7.9%) were HIV-2-seropositive, four (0.1%) were HIV-1-seropositive and 10 (0.4%) were dually reactive. Overall prevalence of HIV-2 was 9.3% in women, peaking at 17.2… CONTINUE READING
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